A Journey from Complexity to Simplicity


NEW VOICE STUDIO ITALIA S.a.s., situated in Osimo in The Province of Ancona (Marche, Italy), was begun by a small international group of performing artists, out of the need for a center for voice studies. It was created to promote healthy, correct and long-lasting use of the voice, in order to help everyone, from beginner to professional, find physical and artistic freedom.


Our speciality is the training, re-training and restoration of the artistic and professional voice.
People who speak and sing professionally today often find that they have questions that are being answered unsatisfactorily or not at all.

The need to understand, to solve the bewilderingly complex maze of inaccuracies and get to the truth of the matter was so urgent, that both Marianna Brilla and Lisa Paglin made the painful decision to leave the stage  in order to carry out 15 years of scrupulous and thorough research on vocal production, acoustics and the physiology of the voice.
Out of this research,the vocal training method, VOCAL BALANCE Brilla-PaglinTM and the vocal rehabilitation method, VOCAL RESTORATION Brilla-PaglinTM were born.

We understand that it is essential for singers and other voice professionals to feel secure and capable.

We founded NEW VOICE STUDIO ITALIA with the purpose of giving full satisfaction to all voice professionals.
Our studio provides each person with a closely tailored, personal program.
We work patiently and efficiently with everyone, from beginner to  professional, from minor touch-up to major renovation. In addition to vocal training we offer essential instruction in learning to look and see, to listen and hear and to distinguish balanced and unbalanced tone and recognize the beauty of correct vocal production.

An important part of our activity involves cultivating the art of vocal  communication and expression. Actress and singer Isabella Carloni has been able to use her years of immersion in our method in her own theatrical and musical performances and now offers individual and group workshops on vocal expression to actors and voice professionals.

Claire Vane's presence in the NVS represents the important role of the voice in the complete image of a performing artist and a voice professional. Singers, actors and voice professionals will have the benefit of Claire's many years of experience as a transition consultant and life/career coach to release your potential in managing life transitions and to maximize your professional career.

Our approach, our outlook and the way we listen, take into account the person as a whole. We believe that vocal evolution and the freedom this brings begins with listening, clarity and awareness. When you discover your voice you discover yourself.

Our studio is a " thinkers', creators' and artists' Center", It is devoted to creating an open dialogue for singers, non-singers, for everyone and anyone that loves singing and cares about the voice. We wish to be part of the present, while contributing to a future of health and well-being, never allowing ourselves to get used to waste or vulgarity but always pursuing beauty and peace.

The Regione Marche elected our Studio  as one of the most innovative and interesting new societies in the region and promoted us in a program for the development of new businesses, the Prestito d'Onore.
We are honored to receive this recognition.